Dezaritto.com, Being in IT for the Long-haul, began in May 2010. Today, I am one of South Africa’s fast-growing independent self-started (with no prior knowledge or experience) companies in the industry. Dezaritto.com is currently working with three other very successful and completely debt-free companies with unequaled power in the world to help others create maximum wealth, health and wisdom, as well as experience success as they choose to define it. By utilizing the resources I have acquired and provide, it is now possible for you to completely eliminate debt, dramatically increase cash flow, build greater self-awareness and begin living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Dez “Dezaritto” Tswaile, the visionary behind Dezaritto.com, came from a health service based environments in the military emerging from nearly 6 years in the service to providing a comprehensive health service to the presidency in the Republic of South Africa and later becoming an international marketer in some three of the world’s most successful direct sales and online marketing companies. Today, in his vision Dez wanted to create and support his found educational systems and a business model that makes a life of abundance available to everyone willing to invest in themselves and apply his principles.