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Shouldn’t Your DESTINY be your CHOICE?

The day when I decided to take charge of my own life will be cherished forever, by myself and my family. It has been a long time coming and boy am I glad that it has finally arrived.

I have always had this vision of having MY OWN EMPIRE BUILT, a legacy that I can leave for generations to come in my family, my own family tree. It’s comforting to know that now I can finally anticipate the fulfilling feeling of LIVING MY OWN DREAM.

Life is a valuable University that no school can replace, but what you learn from it is still one’s choice and how you apply those lessons too, practically, is also one’s own choice, and with my luck I know such aUniversity (an innovative teaching, learning and sharing of ideas platform, the difference also being that you earn real money while doing it), that is just as important for those who may need to refresh their lessons.

  • Why do we generally have the tendency to rationalise our own ack of success and create a false comfort zone to live with it?

I say “no more”, no more will I let my poor decisions put me in this zone, which I know and believe I don’t belong to anyway…

FREE ADVISE: take charge of your life, it’s your responsibility, YOU are the only one to blame or be congratulated for your failures or successes… If you feel you still require a skill to have what you want, wish or dream of, then don’t crack your head, you have the ability tolearn… Choose wisely. YOUR DESTINY should be YOUR CHOICE!!!