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       Government Objectives, not party packaging.

In what could be described as a party squabble, little do people know that what is displayed in public is not just a publicity stunt, and should probably pass way better than our 2011 type reality TV shows. This goes beyond just the ‘who says what, and who disapproves of who when or who condemns what action by who’, if I should tell you, I think that all this should just be left out of our “so desperately needing revival” news that is also, so evidently tabloid driven.

I have for some time now, observed how interesting events turn out to be once the “ever so popular comrade” gets deployed to government (or is awarded this all of a sudden important post in government), wherever it may be, and have to now learn new skills to survive to maintain their popularity or even better yet some battle not to lose that popularity.

It almost seems as if, the confidence that comrades once had for these now important public figures, disappears as soon as they try to get to work and do what they are mandated to do.

This brought a question to me, which I doubt that I would be able to get answers from these parties that want to drive popular decisions to government. Neither am I, in this instance, condoning or agreeing to all government decisions. Yes, they do get it wrong at times, but what disappoints me is the argument sometimes brought by our “very capable” unions and political parties when it comes to seeking accountability from our government leaders. Arguments that sometimes lacks focus (for a lack of a better word), and does not address the real problem, but rather points out probable causes to the problem.

It almost appears as if, once our leaders are either elected to power or deployed to government, they forget about what they used to criticize government about. At the helm of power (lest we forget who they were before) now are attached by their own, destroying each other with the incumbent leaders who replaced them in an uncivil manner of turning government decision into what looks like a tavern table decision (and I’m not referring to four in the afternoon, no, I’m taking way past midnight and halfway to sunrise decisions).

It’s true that we are a country of complainers at our best, but we are complainers because we do not want to do nothing to remedy our complaints. We have a dependency syndrome, which often than not makes us wait for the answers and solutions to be brought to us, instead of being pro-active and bring an argument to the table half-ready, if it’s anything to go by, with probable solutions to these insurmountable problems we seem to be having and disapproving what the other party has brought forward in a “reasonable” attempt to remedy the situation.

My view around this is that, we have a situation of a parallel understanding to issues arising. Political figures not in government, do not understand how governance operates and how government is modelled to work. Government leaders on the other hand has forgotten that, once they have learned how and what governance means translate that information back to those who got them there. It’s like fighting with yourself and expect not to get hurt, yet expect to have a knockout win. At this rate, we might as well call ourselves a peach republic, cause let’s face it, we couldn’t be a banana republic, cause that is for dunda-heads and we are nowhere near that spectrum of organisms.


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