Do You Want To Have Money, Time or Both?

Posted: 08/12/2011 in Articles

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Do You Want To Have Money, Time or Both?

By L.T.D Tswaile

For several years now, I have longed to posses, what  I also believe, people in general wish to own, the ever so scarce and precious resources namely Time and Money. The power really to control your circumstances in most instances lies in the two commodities I just mentioned, and one without the other really is…, well let’s just say not very beneficial/benefitting.

Ok, before you think that I’m losing it – I bet at any given time, you can think of someone or at least a few people, who you may personally know either having a lot of money and no time or having a lot of time and no money. Let’s face it, the latter don’t really matter, I mean what would you spend your time on if you don’t have money? Because, you honestly need the world’s favourite liquid asset, money, to purchase what you desire. What about the initial, those who have a lot of money but don’t have any time to spend or enjoy it?Aston Martin DB9  2

Maybe, it depends on how one values one commodity over the other. What I know however is that I don’t want to be that great professional, an expert even, who earns relatively good money but don’t have even a moment to spare so that I can enjoy that money with my family for instance.  Nor would I want to be that qualified professional with exceptional skill with enough time in my hands yet not enough money to enjoy the nicer thing in life, making all that free time seem worthless.

By now you may start to think, but a solution then is having enough money, and since money has the power to purchase one’s desire, then probably you may have the choice to buy time, but how much time really? That may not be sustainable, I mean haven’t we all heard of someone winning the lottery Jackpot and start assuming time, to spend their money and end up having none of the two in “no time”, excuse the pun. Nope, you don’t want that now do you?

So I don’t think we can necessarily say that money equals time or ‘visa versa’. Oh yeah, that’s the difference between the rich and the wealthy, where the latter can afford time, sustainably so, so that they can enjoy those moments that money cannot just buy.  Now that’s where I want to be…

Let’s recap:

· If it’s money you want, you are unlikely to have any time,

· If it’s time you are after, without exceptional solutions you are most unlikely not to have money to buy a lot of comfort,

· But if you gain financial freedom, you would have enough to enjoy both…

How do you then pursue this ultimate reward?

It all begins with one step, learning how to work towards you financial freedom and the first step would be to know where to acquire that knowledge.

I have recently just had that opportunity to join this brilliant team of entrepreneurs, who compare to none in the industry of on-line marketing, and are willing to coach anyone, step-by-step who wants to determine their own destinies, turn tables around for a change, being their own bosses, and realise their dreams.

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What are your thoughts?

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