About Dezaritto

Dezaritto - Founder and MD at dezaritto.com


I am a young and family orientated individual, my character attributes, includes being analytical, goal-focused and naturally charismatic and possess a lateral mind frame. I have also in countless instances proven to be a good team player and self-motivated or enthusiastic, my general good health also adds to my expressed energy.

STRENGTH TRAITS: I learn and adapt to new and unfamiliar environments very quickly. I am an opportunity seeker and always look forward to new challenges. I can work well under pressure and always commit to deadlines. I am a confident communicator and also  possess great interpersonal skills, and the use of these traits has seen me to communicate with different stakeholders, whether in government or public institutions, private or corporate companies and even at a personal level with any business figure, exceptionally well at all levels.

WEAKNESS TRAITS: I do not take failure very well as it sometimes, if not often, affects my self-confidence. I can only work on a few things at a time, because attempting to multitask has seen me lose focus on main objectives of complex tasks at hand. I sometimes find myself not procrastinating enough with regards to decision making, and this trait has shown its potential danger a couple of times, leading me to poor decisions made due to not having enough required information.


My vocational experience in various sectors and environments, such as Restaurants (intermittently for an effective period of seven years since 1999), Radio (for three years during my tertiary education at Cape Technikon Radio), Property Sales (Jana Reinecke Properties – PTA East office/branch), Direct Marketing (at R.I.Direct Marketing and Distributors), and Financial Services (Old Mutual as a Personal Financial Advisor) attributes immensely towards his acquired skills.

For a real value proposition to you, I am offering my qualities to you and your business, with the view of exploiting my expressed intrinsic value, best benefited by both your business and mine. Loyalty is no question, as I would hate to disappoint anybody who trusts and relies on my loyalty.

Yours in Business



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