Our CV-V-M-O


My core values guides my every decision and define my unique set of principles for Dezaritto.com.

  1. Always deliver overwhelming value and outstanding service
  2. Integrity, authenticity, and accountability are absolutely paramount
  3. Pursue excellence through education and innovation
  4. Foster a spirit of fun, family, and friendship
  5. Live our lives with purpose and work passionately toward our goals


Create success and wealth in others – one person at a time.

I envision a world in which every person who chooses, can wake up to their own potential, and begin to live, breathe, and create the life of their dreams.


Provide access to world-class education, tools, experts, experiences and opportunities that empower individuals to create success on their own terms and achieve true freedom in all areas of their lives. I believe that anyone with desire, regardless of his or her circumstances, can create a life of their dreams.


  • Create a service-based company whose primary commitment is to exceed the expectations of my Subscribers/Affiliates, Members and fellow Consultants.
  • Design and implement a business strategy that meets the long-term needs of our Subscribers/Affiliates, Members and fellow Consultants. We implement this strategy through powerful strategic partnerships that offer significant near-term benefits.
  • Positively affect the wealth, health, well-being and long-term prosperity of our Subscribers/Affiliates, Members and Consultants. We will accomplish this by sharing cutting-edge products, services and education through unique, world-class organization.
  • Instill confidence in fellow Consultants with the best wealth plan classes that leads the industry in creativity and generosity. The network marketing business model provides long-term and short-term viability, delivering a sustainable home-based business opportunity for any Consultant.
  • Eliminate the inefficiencies of traditional operating, decision-making and communication methods to create a proficient, effective and exciting marketing machine that delivers unprecedented value and growth.
  • Build Dezaritto.com with a long-term perspective, an unwavering commitment to our values, and a sense of dedication, always showing respect.
  • Recognize and understand the ideas and concerns of our Subscribers?Affiliates, Members and fellow Consultants, staff and partners in order to build the best attainable direct sales organization.

As you continue your journey with Dezaritto.com, you will see that all of these statements accurately reflect who we are, what we stand for and how we do business. These guiding principles form the bedrock of every relationship with our alliances, and fellow Consultants who all play a vital role in the vision of Dezaritto.com. We strive to become a trusted partner and ally with each fellow Consultant by consistently providing world-class education, cutting-edge strategies, and time-tested solutions that allow our Members to experience the finest in wealth, health and wisdom.