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Your First PowerPoint Animation

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June 27th, 2011

Downloading an animation from PresenterMedia is an easy process, but if you’ve never used an animated file (.gif) in your presentations before, there are a couple of pitfalls to avoid.  Watch this short new video tutorial from PresenterMedia co-owner, Art Holden, to see how simple it is.
Covered in this video:

  • For PowerPoint, always download the largest animation available.  This yields the best quality.
  • After clicking the download link, always choose “SAVE” to save the image to your computer.  Choosing OPEN may end up removing the animation from the image.
  • In PowerPoint, always use the “Insert/Picture” function to place the animation in your presentation.  Inserting it as a video or copying and pasting it into your presentation can yield poor results.

View all our Animations for PowerPoint.

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8 Ways your Landing Page Design is Sabotaging your Click-Thru Rate | Unbounce

8 Ways your Landing Page Design is Sabotaging your Click-Thru Rate | Unbounce.

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VeriSign Phish or No Phish?

VeriSign Phish or No Phish?.

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What I have realised with a lot of people who are sceptical of online trading is because they can’t spot the difference or don’t even know what to look for to identify the real thing from the fake one.

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